One day, in a picture of the lake, a dragon could be seen. Since then, it has been called “Ryuujin Ike”, the lake of the dragon god.

An acquaintance who has kept this picture in his wallet with him for a time, has reported that he has been all around luckier than ever.

Ryuujin, the dragon god, comes back to his lake every night to relax in the shallow water.

One can see him between midnight and 4 AM, and especially well between 2 and 3 AM.

Here are some clouds resembling of the dragon god.


Maybe the view of Ryuujin is only clear to those in contemplation.

Will you come to Shourinkaku, to feel happiness, relax, awe, and comfort?

Depending on one’s mood, the dragon doesn’t always show. But we want our guests to feel as good as possible in our Ryokan, to be in the right mindset to see him.

Since times of old, dragons in Japan are thought to be water gods who look over and protect the people.

Come on in, and bring a camera.